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Draper Shades with KOOLBLACK™ Technology

(Spiceland, Ind.) – Since 1902, Draper has been manufacturing solutions for daylight management and solar control. From the beginning, selecting a window shade fabric has always been a choice between light colors with more heat reflective properties and dark colors with better aesthetics, glare control and view-through advantages.

With Draper window shades featuring Mermet E Screen or T Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology, however, those days are over—you no longer have to choose. KOOLBLACK Technology incorporates reflective properties into dark color E Screen basketweave fabrics. And it enhances the reflective properties of T Screen fabrics, which are twill weaves which offer a dark interior and lighter exterior side. Now you not only get excellent contrast for clear view through, color coordinated exterior building design and comfortable work environments—you also get maximized energy savings through reduced cooling costs. Draper window shades featuring E Screen or T Screen with KOOLBLACK Technology deliver up to 23% improvement in solar heat gain coefficient versus standard dark screen fabrics by reflecting near-infrared (NIR) solar energy. E Screen and T Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology are available in 3% and 5% openness factors. They meet the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) lead-free standard, and are certified GREENGUARD® Gold.

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